The Company: Les Habitations MLC founded in 1987.
The President: Philippe Nadeau since 2001.


A personalized approach tailored to your needs, proven for over a generation.
Whether building a new house, renovating or expanding your existing home, we provide all the necessary services

Contracteur général


We create a relationship with you that goes beyond the usual customer-contractor relationship.

Our customers agree: from the very first meeting, we establish a climate of trust and transparency.
We take the time to listen to our clients. Subsequently, we explain all the stages of your project.
You will make informed decisions based on your needs, your budget and your planning.

No words that are too technical. No unpleasant surprises.
Only a project that suits you in every way.

We also want to build a long-lasting relationship with all our customers.
Whether you want to:

  • remedy a defect
  • apply a warranty
  • renovate or expand your home
  • plan another project

… we will remain your building specialist for many years.

A great adventure… good advice and sensitive to our needs.

Thank you Philippe

Jenny Hachez - Alain Simard Gagné



We received a Green Home and Energy Efficiency training in 2007.

An energy-efficient house has no secrets for us.

Only one phone number to reach us

(450) 224-5501 or by email