An eco-friendly, energy-efficient or green home is a house designed and built using materials and technologies that reduce its carbon footprint and energy needs.

With minimal impact on the environment

An energy-efficient home can include:

  • Superior insulation and sealing

  • Good levels of daylight

  • South-facing Windows

  • Minimal north-facing windows
  • Ventilation with heat recovery
  • Heating from renewable resources (solar, heat pump or biomass)
  • Natural materials
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • High quality double or triple glazed windows
  • Etc.

Maison écologique

Green ecological building is a standard for Les Habitations MLC

All our projects are eco-friendly and sustainable

These types of houses can initially cost more, but on a longer term you get a more cost-effective, sustainable, reliable, comfortable home with exceptional clean air.

A well integrated and environmentally friendly house
A house requiring less maintenance and easier to resell

If you have a green home project, consider consulting us right from the start.

We work with you right from the design phase to ensure that your project will be a technical, economical and ecological success.

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